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Offer for the New Year 2013

People from Russia love to spend Winter holidays in Finland. In Russia winter holidays 2013 start on the 29th of December and ends in the 8th of January — so the duration is 11 days.

Winter holidays is a good chance to explore new places, to rest, to do fishing or skiing. That is why Finish hotels are interested in tourists from Russia all year and specially on the winter holidays.

We have prepared special packages to attract tourists from Russia to your hotel on winter holidays. Please, find out more information on special page.

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We sign a contract for search engine optimization only with 10 hotels in each city. If the contract is signed, you can be sure that the web-site of the hotel will be in the TOP-10 position.

Special prices for the first hotels in each city:
 • 1st contract in the city: −20%;
 • 2nd contract in the city: −15%;
 • 3rd contract in the city: −10%;
 • 10th contract in the city: +10%.

Hurry up to be the first in the city and recieve the best price!

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Specially for hotels in Europe

Absolutely new service on the market —
clients from Russia directly to the hotels web-site
without paying a commission to a booking systems.

Yura Rogulya, CEO (February, 2012)

98% of Russian web surfers search for travel services in their native language. Less than 30% of them speak English. To find your services Russian people mostly use the Russian search engines (,,,, and It means that your information will reach your prospective customers only if it is written in Russian, promoted in the Russian search engines, and advertised on Russian web-sites!

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The Russian market ensures enormous profits!

Any businessman is interested in expansion of outlets. Are you an owner or sales manager of a hotel? It is time to enter the Russian market, as there are more than 140 million of prospective customers!

How to enter the Russian market? It is very easy! All you need to do is two simple steps:

  • Develop a web-site in Russian language (or skip this step if web-site in Rissian language already exists);
  • Bring the web-site to the fist pages of all search engines in Russia (,,,, and and others).

Now people, who search for the hotel in the city where you are, will find the web-site of a hotel and probably make a reservation. It is obvious, that to design and promote a web-site in the Russian search engines is better with a company specialized in the Russian segment of the Internet.

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